My name is Joakim Persson & I am a Designer based in Stockholm, Sweden, trained at Beckmans College of Design with work ranging from Restaurants, Shops, Cafees, to Offices, Exhibitions, Events as well as Private Recidencies. While keeping my main focus on Interior Design I also work in the fields of Graphic Design, Product Design and Set Design.

My ambition is to create unique design concepts true to both the project and the client. The quest for something genuine and relevant often takes the project into undiscovered areas, often posing questions regarding the purpose of the project and the intent of the client. The goal is to generate design concepts that are based in the true needs of the project, resulting in Designs that easily communicates to the end user, creating an experience, a story to tell and a memory.

To me Design is Entertainment, not so much in the sense of amusement, novelty or trends but more by being something that you notice, something you get interested in, something that has an impact on you, be it an object or your surroundings.